Troubleshoot tech issues in class: Useful Chinese I.T. phrases!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Troubleshoot IT issues quickly, just copy & paste!

When any IT issues occur in the classroom, it's always best to alert the Firemen, but what happens when they're slow or unable to respond?

I've collected some useful phrases that you can copy and paste into the classroom chat box for students to see. I recommend to have them saved as a sticky note or simple text document on your computer to quickly bring them up when needed. ✅ Comment below to recommend some other useful phrases in Chinese!

◼ Please pay attention:


◼ iPad internet connection issues (move closer to router):

小朋友你好,你那边网络不太稳定,麻烦拿着ipad靠近一下家里的路由器,这样你上课效果会好一些,谢谢 来自教务老师

◼ The Firemen are calling your parent now. Please tell your parent to answer the phone.

教务老师正在联系妈妈爸爸,请妈妈爸爸 接电话

◼ Sorry, teacher can’t hear you. Please ask your parent to come and help.

抱歉,老师现在听不到你的声音,请妈妈 爸爸过来帮忙,可以吗?

◼ Sorry, teacher can’t see you. Please ask parent to come and help.

抱歉,老师现在看不到你,请妈妈爸爸过 来帮忙,可以吗?

◼ I can’t hear you. You can refresh the screen.

抱歉,老师现在听不到你的声音,你可以 尝试刷新。

◼ I can’t see you. You can refresh the screen.

抱歉,老师现在看不到你,你可以尝试刷 新。

◼ Are you able to use the mouse?



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