Time Management Strategies: Stopwatch for Lesson Planning

Updated: Jan 31

Prepping for class? One of the best tools to help with time management is a stopwatch. You can use the one built-in on your phone, but I find this one very simple and useful:

⌚ Online-Stopwatch

As a general rule, you want to spend about 1 minute per slide. Think about using scaffolding up or down strategies to either simplify or extend content based on your student's level. For example, let's look at the following matching activity slide. Practice timing yourself for 1 minute on this slide, and imagine your student's responses. Open the timer and keep it visible on the side of your screen.

Things to Consider:

  • What is the level of your student?

  • Should you simplify (scaffold down) or challenge and extend (scaffold up)?

  • How would you model this slide?

  • Are there any supplementary tools you can use to help your student understand?

⭐ Share some ideas of what approaches you would take on this slide!

Looking for more tips? Listen to my Tick-Tock! Time Management workshop below or send me a message. 🎤 Podcast


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