How to add emojis in class! Quick Emoji Keyboard Tips ✔

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Learn how and why using emojis in the online classroom can make a huge visual impact for your students.

First, did you know that you can actually bring up a full emoji keyboard in Windows 10? Just press the Windows key + period (.) key anywhere that you would normally type - including in your classroom portal chat box.

🍏 Mac user? Press Command+Control+Spacebar to open the emoji picker and input emojis into the classroom portal chat box.

Let's face it, students are visual learners and emojis are an effective and quick way to get your point across. For example, let's say that you are talking about insects. How about showing a 🐛 transforming into a 🦋? For younger students, these emojis are great for showing 👉 right and 👈 left. Primary colors and shapes are also represented, so show the difference between a 🟦 and 🔴. The possibilities are truly endless! Have fun! 😁


Second, one of my favorite sites to use is this Random Emoji Generator:


I recommend showing students 3-4 random emojis and having them create a short story or a few sentences. 🌟 This can even be used as a fun reward or extension activity! You can copy and paste the emojis directly into the classroom chat box. As an added challenge, encourage them to use one of the vocabulary words from the lesson in their story.

Once upon a time, a heartbroken unicorn was waiting for his dinner...

NOTE: Make sure to look over the random emojis first before copying and pasting them into your classroom. Some may not be appropriate for your student's age or level. 😢


Now it's your turn, how will you use emojis in the classroom? Share and comment below! 🙏


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