Using Digital Effects in Class: ManyCam - Do's & Don'ts

Updated: Jun 4

Feeling overwhelmed about how to get started using digital effects and ManyCam in the classroom? Start here with a quick primer on the do's and don'ts of using digital effects effectively in the classroom to add value (not take away from it).

First, how are digital effects useful?

Increases student engagement

Aids in teaching vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar

Extends the lesson content

Reduces prep time

Saves money and space

Think about your student, what kind of learner are they? Knowing how they best learn will help you prepare digital effects that are effective and engaging.

✅ Check out my walk-through videos from the "Digital Props & Effects" Workshops below to set up for the VIPKid classroom.

For example, I use the built-in typing and timer tools with ManyCam as visual cues for my students. I find that anything that can be written on a whiteboard can also be typed on-screen or drawn to enhance lesson content and engage the student further. Overlaying images and/or using masks can also help the student to more quickly understand lesson objectives.

No snorkel? Add a mask to give your student an easy visual representation. Timing activities are also a fun way to keep your students motivated in class. Write down math equations on the screen to focus your student's attention. Spelling games (e.g. mixed up words) are excellent approaches to help with comprehension.

Take it step-by-step and start off small! Using your smartphone as a digital prop can be a very effective tool. Saving gifs and lesson-related photos on your phone in categorized albums lead to easy access during class.

✅ Need some more help with setting up ManyCam? Check out Teacher Samantha's walkthrough below:

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