Why am I not getting booked? 5 VIPKID Booking Tips

The #1 question I get in my workshops is "Why am I not getting booked?"

If you are asking yourself the same question, you are in the right place. Based on my experience as a workshop mentor and working at the head office, here are ✔ 5 VIPKid Booking Tips to be successful on the platform!

1️⃣ Polish your teacher profile Teaching for VIPKid is both acting AND looking the part. I promise that spending some time polishing all 4 components of your profile will go a long way in attracting students and parents.

Profile Photo

  • This is the first glimpse parents see of you! Make it count by having a professional, friendly, and welcoming photo. No selfies! Have someone take a photo of you with a neat background. I recommend a teacher-friendly photo with a prop and a big smile. If this doesn't reel them in, change your photo and find something that clicks.

Featured Photos (2)

  • You can upload up to 2 featured photos in addition to your profile photo. Definitely upload 2 photos and have one show your favorite hobby and the other show a "teaching style" photo. Any photos of you in a classroom (or even teaching your own kids) will set the precedent that you ARE a teacher.

Intro Video

  • Lights, camera, action! Think of your intro video as a quick commercial into your teaching style. This is geared towards students and parents, so keep it upbeat, friendly, and with simple language.

  • Start by watching Teacher Michael's outstanding intro video below.

Some highlights from his video that make it stand out:

  • Film your video in horizontal mode - your smartphone is great for this!

  • Show students your classroom environment and props you would use.

  • Next, quickly introduce where you are from and show some actual examples of you teaching with props!

  • Great lighting and kid-friendly also help to establish your professionalism.

  • Use an editing app on your smartphone (i.e. iMovie) to help with your editing.

About Me

  • Finally, click and choose what to highlight with your academic background and teaching experience. You also can mention your hobbies, interests, and learning goals for your students!

🎤 Podcast

2️⃣ Update your teacher tags

What are teacher tags? Think of these as hashtags. For example, if a parent or LP (Learning Partner) wants to quickly find a teacher, they can input #energetic, #patient, #extension as example teacher characteristics that are important to them.

To update these, log into your Teacher Portal > My Info > Tags > Update Tags. Here you will see any tags that your MCM (Mock Class Mentor) chose for you during the interview stage. You will also see any tags that parents have chosen for you based on any classes you have taught. I recommend choosing any tags that you self-identify with! You can choose up to 6 teacher tags and update them once every 30 days. If your current tags are not increasing your bookings change them until they work!

3️⃣ Upload 'Teacher Spotlight' videos

Teacher Spotlight allows you to upload videos that can be seen by students and their parents. The desktop version also has editing functions for your videos.

Videos will be displayed on your profile in the Parent Portal, and parents can hit “like” on your videos, become your follower, and even book your classes.

Teacher Spotlight is available on both the mobile app and the Teacher Portal. You can see an example of a 'Rock Climbing' video I made below for parents that has been viewed hundreds of times!

4️⃣ Get certifications

First, the 'Certification Center' is located under Teacher Portal > Resources > Certification Center. This is where you will find learning modules that will get you certified to teach different levels and courses. I recommend checking the 'Certification Center' regularly to see what is open for you. Openings are dependent on the number of vacancies they have per level and/or how many classes you have taught. I highly recommend getting as many certifications as possible! The more certifications you have, the more students are available to book with you.

5️⃣ Open consistent timeslots

Lastly, peak times for VIPKid are the most popular times for students to get bookings after they are done with school. Of course, you can open up timeslots outside of these peak times, but these are the times that are recommended by VIPKid. Furthermore, opening at least 15 time slots per week (7.5 hours) can encourage parents to book with you. Having these time slots open for an entire month for parents to see can also help! Remember that consistency is key when it comes to bookings!

🔥 VIPKid Peak Times